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The  Rooms


The Domain offers five rooms including two suites in private houses, each with a private entrance and a private space with trees and flowers:

    •    Berger room
    •    Grand Horizon room
    •    Fourniol Sarrazin House
    •    7° Ciel room
    •    Fourniol Sésame house

• AIl of our rooms and indoor facilities are non-smoker!

• Pets are allowed

• Ecological breakfast generous and tasty
large shaded terrace with a breathtaking view, creates a unique atmosphere of sweetness 
The natural pool of pure water, free from any chemicals is obtained by mechanical and natural filtration. It reproduces natural aquatic ecological pond. The plants that complete it are our natural energy.
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Berger Room
0Berger__Grange_vue_de_sud0Berger_LogoIndependent, on ground level, it is luminous and faces South-East. You can hear the bells of the herds around and the old walnut tree nearby attracts many birds.
•    Size is about 20 square meter
•    Bathroom (washbasin, shower and toilet)
•    Towels are provided

€ 90.-/day for two adults, breakfast included.


1Berger_Entree4 Litet matelas naturels2Berger_MiroirCandlestickberger-26Berger_Douche_et_double_lavabos

Grand Horizon Room
0_GHorizon_MDL_Sud0-Logo-Grand-HorizonThe only room located in the main house, upstairs, on the same floor as the room of the owners. It is accessed by the inner staircase.
•    25 square meter with twin-beds (100 cm x 200 cm) reachable
•    Ability to accommodate one extra person with an extra bed
•    Its balcony offers a stunning view to the east of the Cele valley
•    Private 6 square meter  bathroom with washbasin, shower, toilet  
•    Another adjacent bedroom for children, without bathroom, is available.
•    Towels are provided

€ 95.-/day for two adults, breakfast included.
€ 25.-/extra bed, breakfast included.


Seventh Heaven Rooms
0_7eCielDG__Grange0_7eCiel_logoSo called because decorated with a fresco depicting a beautiful sky, exposed to the East.
Independent, it can be used as a two room suite, bedroom and living room, or as two separate bedrooms, each with its own entrance and bathroom:
•    Bedroom of about 20 square meter, facing East, on ground floor, with two twin beds 90x200 reachable, and a bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin)
•    Towels are provided

•    The other bedroom on the upper level is about 20 square meter, it is also facing East, with twin beds 90x200 (or couches) and a large bathroom (bath, shower, washbasin and separate toilet)     
•    Ability to accommodate one extra person with an extra bed
•    Towels are provided

1_7eCielD_EntreeEntrance, view of the living room3_7eCiel_D_Lits_et_matelas_naturels4_7eCiel_D_Fresque_du_ciel5_7eCiel_D_Rangement6_7eCiel_D_D_Bureau9 Seventh heaven - bath, shower..



€ 90.- for single room for two adults, breakfast included
€ 115.- for two-bedroom suite for two adults, two separate bath, or one bedroom and lounge, breakfast included
€ 25.-/extra bed, breakfast included.

Fourniol Sésame Suite
Sesame__horiz  Small house with a mezzanine, formerly a double bakery, overlooks the pool and the Cele  valley.
  Its large glassdoor window opens to the south of the Park.
  It consists of two rooms:
  •    One room on ground level: 25 square meter, twin beds (90/200) reachable
  •    Bathroom (shower, basin and toilet)
  •    The other room upstairs has twin beds (90/200), reachable
  •    Towels are provided

€ 115.- for two adults, breakfast included
€ 25.-/extra bed, breakfast included.


Fourniol Sarrasin suite
0Sarr.extSmall independent house, on ground level, formerly a double bakery, triple exposure with:
•    25 square meter bedroom with twin-beds (90 cm x 200 cm) reachable
•    Cosy lounge open on the bedroom with a nice view
•    Bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet
•    Ability to accommodate one extra person in extra bed
•    Towels are provided

€ 115.-/day for two adults, breakfast included
€ 25.-/extra bed, breakfast included

1Sarrasin_Lit_et_matelas_naturels2Sarrasin_Bureau__poele_a_bois_3Sarrasin_Fours_a_pain4Sarrasin_Vue_du_salon5Sarrasin_Table_dans_le_salon7Sarrasin_Lavabo_hor  6Sarrasin_Douche


Natural, spacious, also with local spirit

Everything is done to preserve the soul of the place, it lives in harmony with Mother Nature.

The night sky offers a rare flicker of stars, in the morning one hears the bells of cows and sheep along with the chirping of birds. As you walk you may encounter a deer ... At sunrise, you can admire the latest mist, slowly rising above the valley.


Ecological restoration

The renovation of the rooms is neat, elegant, in a palette of earth tones, white, beige and brown, lime paints, natural textiles


Natural products

The bedding is new, environmentally friendly, made from natural products, latex, coconut- fiber, mohair wool, cotton. In the bathrooms, the water is softened and towels are provided.