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Villedieu Domain

0V_MAS_DEL_LUM_a_lheure_de_la_siestePicturesque, well balanced, with a strong local spirit

The Domain dates back to the 18th century with oldest parts from early 17th.  It has kept its natural simplicity and charm. The Guests rooms are distributed in the Park, whether in old barns or old bakery. These small houses are laid as a hamlet around the Mas Del Lum. (House Of Light in Occitan language).

The renovation of the Villedieu Domain respects nature, it is environmentally friendly: natural materials, wood and hemp insulation, heating with wood pellets (clean burning), softened water, pool cleaned with salt, finishing done with hemp and lime. Every effort is made to protect this enchanting environment.

Large rooms are available, ranging from 40 to 60 square meter, where you can relax in a friendly and warm atmosphere, or you can entertain friends.

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The “Grand Cantou” lounge,
with its big fireplace

Salon de musique

The “Music” lounge for instruments
and recorded music, with a nice fireplace

Building date: 1784

Building date - 1784



Large dining room of 60 square
meter, with fireplace



Shaded terrace


Light well

All of our rooms and indoor facilities are non-smoker


On the Ecological side

Large natural pool

Pure water, free from any chemicals is obtained by mechanical and natural filtration. It reproduces a natural aquatic ecological pond. The plants that complete it are our natural energy.

The habitat creates a living for humans, animals and plants and provides the sensation of diving in nature. In the garden, the development of a true "flora and fauna eco system" promotes quality and water balance.
The pool is bordered by a wooden sundeck and a grassed beach.


Beach and surroundings around the pool

Pool at twilight

Outside, the beautiful old covered market 

The summer kitchen is under a beautiful covered market with an old wood structure. It is fitted with griddle, grill, fridge and dishwasher. An outdoor lounge is available for a drink break 


A large shaded terrace with a breathtaking view, creates a unique atmosphere of sweetness around an ecological breakfast generous and tasty

Playground area